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Study Reveals ‘Large-Scale Illegal Presence’ of GMOs in India’s Food Supply

Despite India’s law barring genetically modified (GMO) foods from being produced or sold in the country without government approval, a study by the New Delhi-based Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) found that thanks to lax enforcement, a deeply flawed labeling system, and corporate deception, Indian supermarkets are inundated with GM foods.

CSE’s results expose “large-scale illegal presence and sale of genetically modified (GM) processed foods in the country. We had been hearing about the presence of illegal GMO food in India, and decided to do a reality check by testing processed foods,” CSE deputy director general Chandra Bhushan said. “We were shocked to know the scale in which GM foods have penetrated the Indian market. The regulatory authorities are to blame here.”

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Source: EcoWatch


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