Porna Rice Bran Oil 1 LTR 1 LTR

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Porna Rice Bran Oil 1 LTR
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Sunrich Sunflower Oil 1 LTR
Sunrich Sunflower Oil : Sunrich Sunflower Oil that contains low fat, poly unsaturated fatty acids and natural vitamins, that keep you healthy and active. Widely used in cooking of variety of dishes. Sunrich is healthy choice for ideal cooking with high Vitamin E contents. It has zero Cholesterol level hence it is good for heart. It is light oil with clean taste. It has perfect balance of MUFA & PUFA. Both the acids are essential for the body. It has 88% unsaturated fatty acids. Sunrich is one of the best refined sunflower oils available in India. It is refined through a special 7 stage refining process which makes the oil "CLEARER, LIGHTER and HEALTHIER". Sunrich Refined Sunflower oil naturally contains Vitamin E and the addition of vitamins A & D helps in improving eye sight and bone health. Sunrich contains lesser proportion of saturated fats and is significantly fat free which may help reduce cholesterol over time.Unlike ordinary oils food prepared in Sunrich sunflower oils absorbs upto 15% less oil. The oil has 0% cholesterol and is high in PUFA, which may help improve heart health. Sunrich is also a member of the prestigious National Sunflower Association, USA.

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