Saffola Active Losorb Oil 1 LTR

Saffola Active Losorb Oil
Brand Saffola
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Saffola Active Losorb Oil 1 LTR
Saffola Active Losorb Oil : Saffola Active Losorb Oil Saffola, the most heard name and often used product in almost every kitchen. It is one of the best used oil which is genuinely good for health. It is a perfect amalgamation of Omega 3 and Oryzanol, the two important compounds known for supporting heart health. It is mostly useful and beneficial for avoiding heart diseases. Rice Bran Oil and Soyabean Oil plays a great contribution in making Saffola active losorb oil more effective and useful. It is a proper health oriented product that contains Vitamin E which lessers your cholesterol and fats. Saffola active oil is followed by loSorb technology, which is very much suitable for absorbing less oil and keeps your health in proper diet. The Saffola oil increases your taste buds and reduces your fats and cholesterol which is beneficial for keeping your health in a proper way. Saffola is a health care brand consisting of edible oils and foods. Saffola believes that a healthy lifestyle is key to a healthy body & heart. Saffola Active is a blended oil that helps you stay fit & active. It has a balanced profile of fatty acids (PUFA and MUFA) with the additional benefits of Omega 3, Oryzanol and Vitamin E. Saffola Active is a blend of 80% Refined Rice Bran Oil and 20% Refined Soyabean Oil.Saffola Active is a product of high science with the following benefits- (i) Multi-seed Technology gives you goodness of two oils in one. (ii) The Nutri Lock Technology protects the natural goodness of the oil. (iii) Losorb Technology in Saffola Oils ensures up to 18% lower absorption of oil in your food .

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